Got Land?

Do you have land available for off-road use? JF Off-Road wants to work with you!

JF Off-Road is continually looking for more areas to utilize for responsible off-roading, and we need your help.  We have found that landowners and members are often left with many questions when it comes to the logistics of allowing others to recreate on private properties.

We have created a Recreational Land Access Guide to help answer some of these questions. The guide can be downloaded from the link below:

JonFund's Recreational Land Access Guide

Our Land Use Guide will answer land owner questions about liability. We've included copies and link to each state's Hold Harmless Laws, releasing liability of land owners that allow recreational access. It also contains information about the waivers we use to protect land owners and our club. Our club members recreate at their own risk. Please read our information packet to learn more.
Insurance?  A certificate of insurance can be provided upon request.  Jonfund has a one million dollar liability policy, all members are insured, and all vehicles are insured as a proof of vehicle insurance is required by JonFund.

What can we offer to you the landowner? Accessibility, preventing trespassers, land management, and more.

So, please download the Guide:  Jonfund's Recreational Land Access Guide

 And if there are any further questions, please email

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